Posted By: Nicholas Bott on March 20, 2018 in Associations&Business Strategy&Product News

Jane is stressed. She has a pile of work, deadlines, and now must find an answer to a complex situation for one of her clients. She’s in way over her head.

No problem though, she’s a member of your professional association. She quickly types up an email about her client’s situation and sends it to your online community. Within minutes a response comes in, then another, and another. From the collective knowledge and experience of hundreds or thousands of other members, she weighs her options and proceeds.

The next day Jane’s calendar suddenly prompts her about continuing professional education. The deadline is coming up quickly. She checks her inbox and finds suggested courses based upon her interests over time, sent from your online community with Social Education integration, based upon her interactions and questions. She makes a few purchases and moves on with her day.

The next day Jane is at a restaurant eating lunch. Her phone notifies her that in 2 hours the live webcast she signed up for will begin, courtesy of your association’s online community. She finishes eating and heads back to the office.

Another email appears in her inbox inviting her to take part in the Interactive Presentation feature of the live webcast she signed up for. She clicks the link and is logged in automatically without needing to remember her password. 500 other registrants are also participating. Some questions pop up during the presentation and she upvotes the ones she’s interested in. She then thinks about a question and posts it. The question is upvoted 10 times and is now 3rd on the list.

While the presentation is continuing, Jane notices a micro-survey she normally wouldn’t have time for and fills it out because it’s only a few questions and the presentation is fresh in her mind.

The session is mostly completed, and the presenter checks the questions that were posted. He addresses the top 10 in the time left. What about the other questions? No problem, others taking the course or the presenter can address them later on, and everyone who signed up for the live webcast will receive notifications about the answers. This is of course all thanks to the online community your association is using.

Jane is so impressed she leaves a review (in the online community) about the live webcast: 5 stars, and raves about the convenience and relevance of the content. Your association receives the micro surveys and reviews in your AMS (association management software) which is tightly integrated with your online community solution. The reviews are posted in your online learning catalog where members shopping for the next session are persuaded by the previous session’s enthusiasm.

What’s the lesson here? Bring value to your members every single day. No pinching required, this isn’t a dream. Here at Sengii this is what our Online Community can do to transform your association. Here’s how:

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through discussion groups

  • Groups based upon any criteria from your AMS, updated in real time
  • Productivity tools for discussion groups (resources, links, news, events)
  • Direct e-mail reply so members can simply reply from their inbox
  • Transparent authentication so members don’t need to remember their login
  • Insights into what is confusing about recent legislation, local happenings, professional trends, etc. to address and form curriculum around

Social Education groups based upon: live webcasts, recorded webcasts, in-person events & sessions, and more

  • Interactive Presentations where registrants can post questions, upvote questions, take micro surveys during or after sessions, download e-materials and resources
  • Discussion groups where questions can be asked before, during, and after sessions
  • Convenient e-material/resource downloads, links, news, and custom content
  • Reviews of courses to bring into your AMS and learning catalog for future registrants
  • Insights into what is confusing, what could be better, and what is great about your offerings

This is a window into how we modernize associations. We help you to stay relevant to members every single day. Is your Association 2.0? Contact us to upgrade now.


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