Page Layouts

The Page Layouts portion includes the layouts for all search products.  Layouts are edited using a basic HTML editor.  

Each layout has the same editable sections:

  • HTML Head
  • Body
  • Item
  • None Found
  • HTML Foot



These sections are held in the “Edit” tab; there is also a “Preview” tab to review the HTML edits you may make.  

Finally, there is a “History” tab; an Edit History can be an enormously helpful tool to recover previous versions of a layout.  Should you or a staff member make unwanted or accidental changes to a layout, a previous version can be immediately restored.  

There is one layout that is slightly different; the email sent to indicate an account is created provides you with an area to set the email to/from addresses, as well as the body of the email.  

There is also the option to restore the default email, but no option to review the history of saved changes. The layouts are sorted by site area.

  • Search Related
  • Cart/Checkout Related
  • Order/Invoice Related
  • Account Related

The Base Layout is found on every search page; its html envelops the above sections when the search is displayed.