Reporting and Overview 

The Analytics portion of the Administration is a built-in data tracker for your site. While it is possible to continue using external analytics solutions for your site, you no longer need to rely on ensuring external analytics software is telling you what you need to know. No longer do you need to worry about which pages are tagged, what the page is tracking, and if that tracking is working the way you need it to.

You're able to generate reports for any date range starting from the launch of your use of the search software, with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or a full summary as breakdown options for the data output.

The overview shows at-a-glance the information you need about visits to your site, commerce data, and search information. This overview lets you quickly grasp exactly what's going on with your site traffic, with the more detailed breakdown below giving you a way to plan for the future of your company.

Analytics Tracking Parameters

The analytics interface gives you a graphical and a finer numeric breakdown of the following parameters:

  • Top keywords
  • Top Categories Searched
  • Searched Items that are added to a shopper's cart vs. items enquired about
  • Item details viewed vs. items added to a shopper's cart
  • The geography of your visitors; handy both for targeting advertising and detecting unusual visits.
  • Referrals from outside search engines vs. items added to carts
  • Searches performed vs. item details pages viewed 


All of these parameters are intended to let you know how customers are using the search and commerce components of your site, and how that use is converted to actual sales for your business.  We are looking to improve your bottom line, and putting data in the Administration gives you a quick look at areas that may need strengthening, and areas that are really working for your business.