Search & Commerce Documentation

The Administration of your search installation puts your site controls at your fingertips for one or more websites. When you log in to the Search Administration, there are 3 main sections that bring you to the Administration tools.  

The upper navigation bar, side navigation bar, and homepage widgets, all bring controls to you for your Search and Commerce.

Upper Navigation

The upper navigation bar has a dropdown to allow you to manage your account, or log out.

The next dropdown in the upper navigation each site brings you to each search you may have installed on your site(s).  Each installation can have customized settings, and you can navigate between multiple sites' controls with a dropdown menu. This ability eliminates the need to remember or use multiple logins, as well as eliminating multiple session issues. 

Finally, the upper navigation bar has the ability to go between fullscreen and the regular browser screen, and the sidebar menu, where the controls are listed for access.  This menu can be reduced to a smaller icon bar, or expanded to include labels and icons. Its responsive design expands and contracts with your browser, to prevent menu clutter on the page.


Homepage Widgets

The homepage includes a set of widgets that contain quick links to different controls. These widgets can help influence and guide how your staff use the Administration. The appearance of each widget is customizable, with the ability to change the color, title, and to minimize/fullscreen/close the widgets.  

Sidebar Menu

The Sidebar Menu contains the main Administrative controls.  Below are the in-depth reviews of each area:

Sidebar Menu Controls


The Analytics portion of the Administration is a built-in data tracker for your site. While it is possible to continue using external analytics solutions for your site, you no longer need to rely on ensuring external analytics software is telling...

Commerce Controls

Enquiries: Enquiries are the way your customers receive a quote for selected items; they're a vital component of a business structure, and a way to meld a business that has very real in-person needs with the digital world.  Here, you can review...

My Services

The “My Services” portion of the Administration includes inputs for your site host, HTTPS,  mail SMTP settings, your commerce settings (if applicable), and search settings to establish the look and function of your search portal.  ...

Page Layouts

The Page Layouts portion includes the layouts for all search products.  Layouts are edited using a basic HTML editor.  Each layout has the same editable sections: HTML Head Body Item None Found HTML Foot These sections are held in the...

Search Controls

The View Search menu item brings you right to your site's search; it's a quicklink that brings you to the site to review any changes you make through the admin view. The Search Data controls include: Search Exclusions: Some keywords don't need to...

Super Admin

The Super Admin portion of the Administration gives you a high level of control over your system; this may be advanced enough that you'll want it only available for certain staff members. Servers: This interface allows you to add/edit/remove...