Connect Discussions and Messages


Discussions can be started, or added to, in Groups from the main page of the group, or via email.  The main page of a group is shown below.  


When a user posts a new message to the group, the entire group is sent the message via email (depending on their email settings), to foster continued discussion and collaboration.  It is also possible to establish a moderation process with the Connect platform, should you feel that moderation is a worthwhile way to ensure quality content associated with your brand.  You can learn more about moderation in the Technical Support documentation. 


Discussion Settings

A member can control how they are notified regarding Discussions by updating their Connect profile and changing their email settings.  Email settings for Discussions can be set to immediate updates for individual Discussion posts and replies, set to provide a daily digest for one-step perusing of that day's communication between Group members or set to provide a weekly digest.  An option to receive no email updates is also available.

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Discussion emails are specialized in that they provide direct links for a Group member to rate the Discussion post by "liking" the post, reply to the post directly on the website, reply to the post via email, or stop following the discussion.  When members use a link from the most recent email alert to enter the Connect site, they are automatically logged in, connecting them seamlessly to Discussion content on-site.

Discussion Email: Individual Updates

  1. The most recent update to the Discussion, including who added the content.
  2. The previous update to the Discussion, to ensure the Discussion makes sense to the email 
  3. "Like the Post" allows you to rate the post as helpful, worthwhile or enjoyable.
  4. "Reply via Website" brings you directly to the site, logging you in automatically, to allow you to reply to the Discussion post; this only works for the most recent Discussion email a group member has received, for security purposes.
  5. "Reply via Email" lets you reply to the post in the Discussion that has generated the email, directly from your email inbox.  This way, there's no need to worry about logins or navigating away from your inbox.  You'll notice that Discussions in Groups have nested threads, meaning you can view your reply on the website by finding the thread that contains the post you replied to.
  6. "Stop Following Discussion" unsubscribes you from the specific Discussion you were previously following.  You can always re-follow the Discussion on the Group page.
  7. This link lets you know in which Group the Discussion is taking place, and when clicked will bring you straight to the Group.
  8. "Start a new Discussion Topic" lets you begin a new Discussion in the Group right from your email client, allowing you to interact with your Group without needing to log in to the website.
  9. The Discussion title is listed both in the email subject and in a direct link to the Discussion at the site.
  10. This link lets you view the discussion on the website itself.

Discussion Email: Digest Updates

While individual email updates can keep a user up-to-date on Group Discussions, it's a popular feature for most Listserves to allow users to subscribe to a daily or weekly digest.  Connect steps up to the plate for its Associations by providing digest formats for Discussions that include daily or weekly digests for each Discussion in a group.  

Here's a quick primer of Discussion Digest emails:

  1. The original post for the Discussion, including who created the post, and the date/time the post was created
  2. Like/Reply/Stop Following links; see above for detailed descriptions, as these links work identically to the individual Discussion emails.
  3. Links to the individual replies to the Discussion; these links take the user down further in the email, so they can get a general idea of how the Discussion is progressing, and let the user decide what Discussion content they'd like to see most.

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Discussions on the Connect Website

Discussions can also be continued directly on the Connect site. Replies can be viewed immediately, and will also be sent out in emails, so the user is not constrained to continuing a website-based discussion solely on the website.