Enterprise grade solutions and features

Simple and intuitive on the surface - complicated and purring under the hood.  Our solutions strike a balance between built-in intelligence that makes life easy, and the performance, integration, and features your organization needs to succeed.  We'll take you from strategic goals to real world implementation without catching a case of the bad vendor blues.

CONNECT Online Community

Connect is our online community solution. Connect is designed specifically to help your organization succeed.

Connect helps you boost membership renewals, increase registrations, provide invaluable customer experience feedback, and keeps your members engaged with your organization.

We've done our research and combined the leading solutions into one online community solution at a price you can afford, and a feature set that your members will love!

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Search & Commerce

Yes, we've got a search engine for that!  We specialize in advanced search and integration with an optional Amazon-like commerce platform to blow away your competitors.  Bring your brick and mortar online with customer and purchase integration and a friendly user interface that even Grandpa can understand.  Cool stuff abound:

  • Indexing from and searching against multiple sources
  • Transparent integration for products, commerce, websites, and more
  • Customized automatic imports from XML, XLS, XLSX, CSV, SQL, etc.
  • Searching against hundreds, thousands, or millions of records with advanced yet intuitive drill down capabilities
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