Attendance & Interactivity Verification to improve your attendee outcomes.

If you’re applying for NASBA or similar compliance standards, you may be required to verify attendance and levels of participation. You can save your organization hundreds of man-hours of tedious work with our low cost and easy to use solution.

Currently supported platforms include:

  • Adobe Connect
  • Goto Webinar
  • Zoom Webinars

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Interactive Prompts

Randomized Prompts verify interactivity with viewers/registrants.

Downloadable Reports

Download spreadsheets of reports to import into your AMS/CRM.

Custom Breaks

Set custom breaks and intermissions for networking, breakfast, lunch, etc.

Segmented Sessions

Download and use partial segmented sessions to resume, or when having technical difficulties.

White Label

Brand consistency for your staff & registrants when using the software.

AMS/CRM Agnostic

Use simple import/export spreadsheets to support any AMS/CRM.

Multiple Staff Tiers

Support Administrators and Hosts to segment job roles and permissions.


Our custom generator allows you to setup your own graphics and sounds for Adobe Connect and Goto Webinar interactive prompts.

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