Integrated Audience Response System

Our easy to use Audience Response System (ARS) gives your audience and presenters real-time insights and feedback.

Improve your existing conferences, events, presentations, meetings, trainings and professional education with real time discussions, question & answer, and incremental surveys.

Our Audience Response System integrates directly with your Association Management Software / Customer Relationship Management (AMS/CRM) solution to automatically setup Leaders, Presenters, and Registrants. Surveys are written back to your system transparently.

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Social Q&A

Registrants submit questions from their mobile device.

Gauge Interest

Questions can be up-voted and are sorted by popularity.

Q&A Time

The moderator knows what questions are most important when the time comes to quickly address them.

Incremental Surveys

Short, incremental surveys can be answered in real-time while the experience is fresh.


Allow registrants to provide ratings and comments about their experience to continuously improve your offerings.


Write back to your AMS/CRM for reporting with your existing processes.


Create reminders that notify registrants during a session to participate using our ARS.

Pick your Flavor

Allow your registrants to participate by email, mobile app, or responsive web app.

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