Event Attendance Verification

Tired of hiring interns to transcribe attendance sheets? Can't afford solutions like CVENT?

We've got you covered at a price you can afford. Our Attendance Verification supports check in/out, walk ins, badge scanners, smart phones, kiosks, and best of all, seamlessly integrates with your AMS!

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Social Q&A

Registrants ask questions and message each other.

Real time Feedback & Surveys

Capture feedback during sessions and after the event.

Attendance Verification

Verify attendance with check in/out from smart phone, kiosk, and scanners. Automatically reconcile in your AMS.

Instant Messaging

Registrants can message each other, have discussions, and message a moderator for help.

Social Wall

Integrate into Twitter feeds and built in Social Wall for sharing pictures and discussions.


Write back to your AMS/CRM for reporting & attendance.


Create reminders that notify registrants of changes and instructions.

Pick your Flavor

Allow your attendees to participate by email, mobile app, and responsive web app.