Content Management System

Managing your website, adding content and organizing it, is a key component of any online face of a company.  Sengii's Content Management System (CMS) offers a secure, powerful, and easy to use portal to edit, add to, and organize your website.

We try to anticipate use cases and needs for our CMS customers before they realize they need a feature, so it is not only already available, but has already been tested and proven useful.  We offer a CMS that is usable out-of-the-box, but can be customized in terms of staff access, web page classification, and site organization, so you’re not trapped in a cookie-cutter system that doesn’t meet your needs.

Our CMS is enterprise grade and has many advanced features for meeting customization needs. You and your staff need to manage your site, we make that easy to do.

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Content Management System (CMS)
  • Friendly SEO URLs for pages
  • Running multiple/separate IIS applications
  • Running any/other server-side technologies such as PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, Python, and more
  • Authentication/session chaining plugin for custom single sign on
  • Request chaining plugin for custom access handling
  • Custom server-side ASP.NET code can be directly written to any page in the system
  • External ASP.NET pages or controls can be integrated and executed by the system
  • Special “copy” tags allow you to define editable areas for users to make changes without blowing away existing applications
  • Global and panel plugins with notification interfaces based upon user actions or scheduled tasks
  • Fully customizable layout system that allows server-side code and panels to be defined

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