Marketing automation to increase efficiency & grow membership faster

How can your message stand out in an ocean of white noise? That’s where targeted information is vital.

Using activity data from member engagement and your AMS/CRM, our automation engine lets you build custom rules to deliver maximum relevance. Base your criteria on when events or sessions are starting; what products have been purchased; audience age; sending messages when they are most likely to be seen!

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Two Way Communication

Unlike typical emails, our targeted messages and discussions allow communication both ways, providing invaluable insights.

Scheduled Delivery

When can you best deliver your message to your audience? Send at the best times for maximum reception.

Recurring Messages

Automatically send your message at any interval while conditionally filtering based upon your custom rules.

Templated Communications

Reuse the same templates for multiple custom rules. Use replacement symbols to customize the content.


Send reminders for events, sessions, and other time sensitive information.

One-on-One or Everyone

Automatically send individual private messages, or post a discussion to one or more groups.

AMS/CRM Integration

We can define any custom scenario for your rule engine, based upon business logic and data specific for your members and industry.

Real Time Feedback

Measure tasks and workflows to increase effectiveness.

Simple Criteria

Creating rules is easy - simple language and intuitive terms makes custom criteria fast and accurate.

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