A mobile app to connect your members

Everyone wants a mobile app for their Association, but the $40,000 price tag is a bit steep.

We've taken our Online Community solution and rolled it into a Mobile App, at a price you can afford. Our cohesive solution ties together the Online Community, Conference App, Attendance Verification, Audience Responsive System, and more.


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Connect and Cultivate

Bring together enthusiastic individuals through your community.

Brand Power

Perception separates you from your competition. Increase your brand identity with your own unique email, mobile, and web community.

Audience Response System (ARS)

Make communication a two way street. With our ARS platform your speakers can address questions before, during, and after presentations. Participants can provide real time ratings and feedback during sessions.

Rejuvenate your Offerings

Add value to your existing services by wrapping them with the value of Social Networking: CPE, Events, Seminars, Chapters, Committees, and more.

Maximize Engagement

The benefit of insights come from engagement. Provide your members with the best options for engaging on all devices and platforms. Direct Email Reply encourages engagement through ease of use.

Stay Relevant

Mass marketing emails catch attention for mere moments. Focus your message and open up the conversation with your members through discussions.

Knowledge Archives

Provide an archive of conversations, group discussions, CPE questions and answers, event registrants, networking, electronic materials, resources, links, feedback, ratings, and more.

Member Retention

Online community provides the added value and knowledge resources that keep members coming back for more. Shared specialized knowledge is vitally important forengaging members.

Device Agnostic

The responsive web app can be used on any device!

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