Content personalization to ensure your members are treated as individuals.

Want to personalize content on the web, in your mobile app, and in emails, all from the same system? We’ve got you covered with our custom personalization engine.

Define who sees what based upon any custom criteria you can think up. The same rules engine that powers our marketing automation, also powers content personalization. You can create rules for renewals, campaigns, fundraising, education offerings, geographies, age range, birthdays, and more!

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One Template, All Devices.

The Content Template and rules work across Web, Mobile, and Email.

Combining Rules

Include any number of rules in any number of content templates for maximum exposure and convenience.

AMS/CRM Integration

We can define any custom scenario for your rule engine, based upon business logic and data specific for your members and industry.

Simple Criteria

Creating rules is easy - simple language and intuitive terms makes custom criteria fast and accurate.

Real Time Feedback

Get a report of all targets that would be affected and those who have been affected as you modify your rule criteria.

Templated Communications

Use simple import/export spreadsheets to support any AMS/CRM.

Specific Targets

Assign Content with Custom Rules to specific groups, emails, and other areas.

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