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Connecting your customers to your inventory is a critical component of any online business. Having a simple, streamlined search system that lets your customers find what they want, while giving you control over how the search results are categorized and displayed, achieves that goal.

After your customer finds what they want on your site, the buying process has to be simple and flexible, to keep them interested in their current and future purchases from your site. They must feel that they're buying from a safe, reputable store with a high-quality ecommerce system.

Sengii's Search and Commerce solution offers simplicity, powerful search capacity, ease of use, security, and finally a quality feel that fulfills your customers expectations, making your business better through increased sales and improved customer impressions of your site and brand.

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Comprehensive and intuitive Search, Cart, and Checkout

Sengii offers one of the most powerful and intuitive search engines available, and pairs it with a robust cart and checkout system.  Our system gets your customers to the search results they want, then guides them through the product purchases they need.

  • Our search lets you set how your customers find their results, using custom categories, tagging, and easy search database setup.
  • We provide a persistent editable shopping cart; users don't lose their cart if they navigate away and then back to the site
  • The checkout process includes a guest option, or full registration, for convenience
  • Customer account setup and management is intuitive and simple enough to free up staff time
  • Multiple mailing/billing address management for customer accounts is allowed, to accommodate business purchases
  • We provide custom shipping and pricing calculators and plugins to best match your business logic

A complete shopping solution out of the box, yet fully customizable

You won't be stuck with a cookie-cutter solution, nor will your staff be left in the dark as to how to use the powerful, yet straightforward, features of the search, cart and checkout.

  • Development support built in for changes, customizations, and integrations
  • Service support built in for training, guidance, and process optimization
  • Marketing strategy built in to expand audience, gain insights, and convert sales
  • Technology agnostic software that can talk with any systems for maximum solution lifetime
  • Experienced integrators to help connect the dots between canned or in-house systems

Analytics: Intelligence built in from top to bottom

No longer do you have to log in to a separate account to view analytics data for your site, nor do you have to worry about tagging pages, codes, links, etc.  Our built-in analytics engine does the work for you.

  • All actions and searches are logged for analysis
  • All traffic is geographically identified based upon IP address to track regional trends (IP v4 and v6 supported)
  • Automatic scheduled email reporting with embedded graphs so you can see the bottom line without logging in
  • Real-time reporting to see the latest data at all times

Marketing made easy

Automating marketing means your staff don't have to spend their time tracking and responding to customer behavior.  That, coupled with analytics data on purchase behavior and the ability to customize discounts and promotions, means the search and commerce marketing options can really boost your business.

  • Abandoned cart marketing to remind users to complete a purchase
  • Individualized discounts and promotions to encourage sale completion
  • Customizable product options such as warranty and other special charges
  • Gain insights using powerful reporting
  • In-store/physical receipts order history available online for customer convenience

Mobile-first and responsive design

People live on their phones, so you need your business to live on their phones to best reach customers.

  • Functions well and displays properly on all screens and devices
  • Partial screen updates for real-time feedback; keeping the user engaged on shopping without losing their search/browsing state
  • Intuitive shopping experience based on best practices in usability (gives your site a familiar feel, like Amazon or other existing online retailers)

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) at all levels

Bringing traffic to your site through external search engines is as important as connecting customers to products within your own site.  Not only do we strive to bring you to the top of a search result list for your site, but particularly for your products as well.

  • HTML5 semantics for maximum search understanding
  • Product XML sitemaps to ensure indexing
  • Google merchant/shopping integration
  • Search/human friendly URLs
  • Persistent URLs for bookmarking and sharing

Focused on customization and integration

Our goal is to painlessly integrate with your existing website data and design.

  • Maintain a transparent aesthetic using website templates you control that pull in your changes automatically
  • All emails to staff and customers are editable
  • All layouts and views are editable
  • API and 3rd party plugins/add-ons capable
  • Single Sign On (SSO) capable
  • Reduced integration time and complexity with “Zero API” Matrix technology to track changes in your database/CRM/AMS and apply them in real-time to Search & Commerce; compatible with MySQL/MS SQL/Oracle/Postgre/SQLite/XML/XLS/XLSX/text/and more.
  • Reduced integration time and complexity with automatically tracked and imported CSV/XML/XLS/XLSX exports from your database/CRM/AMS; customizable transformation rules for field mapping and conversion.

Rock solid security you can rely on

  • Best practices and standards in security
  • PCI compliant
  • Unbreakable hashes
  • No stored credit cards
  • Persistent per-device registration for transparent authentication
  • Supported integration with many merchant gateways
  • Secure at all points in the shopping experience
  • Automatic patching and updates
  • Worry free operation running as Software as a Service (SaaS)/externally hosted

Maximum accessibility

  • Administrative and customer access from anywhere on Earth from any devices
  • Email and PDF receipts for customer records 
  • Constant incremental improvements to for the best user experience
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-store capable (wholesale, retail, selling from a single brand for drop shipping)
  • Automated processes to reduce staff effort and overhead

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