Why do you need Connect?

What can Connect do for your association?

Connect is a top shelf email listserve, an online community, a mobile app, a CPE add on, and your best tool for engagement!

Engaging membership, facilitating member-to-member support and discussions is a critical value-added component for associations.

Discussions give your members a way to communicate with each other and be heard by your association. Bring your members' concerns about legislation and CPE into focus through engagement.

Connect brings your members together, enhancing their membership experience, the strength of your brand, membership renewals, and CPE registrations.

01 Email Discussion Listserve

Connect's email interface maximizes your members' ability to discuss, using an email-to-email discussion capability, which seamlessly integrates with online discussion groups. There is no login requirement and all online links transparently and securely bring your members to the web interface for viewing archives and other options.

02 Branded Mobile App

Where do your members live? On their phones. Where do you want your brand to live? On your members' phones!

The integration of a branded Tapatalk app puts your logo and your Connect content literally at the fingertips of your members. Your branded app will appear in Android Apps, Google Play, and the iTunes store, connecting your members to your community on-the-go.

03 Social Continuing Professional Education

Connect lets you have specific discussions for each CPE course. You can let registrants meet the instructor, download resources, have discussions before and after the course, and provide feedback and reviews for future registrants.

CPE can be the driving force behind membership, and social CPE brings a new element to the table that engages your members even more deeply. If your members aren't expecting a social aspect to their CPE yet, they will be soon. Revive your CPE registrations by enhancing the value of your courses!

04 Powerful and Intuitive Analytics

We want you to know what engages your members, what works and what doesn't, and we want you to know it in real time.

Our Connect platform has built-in Analytics tracking for all actions, so you'll know how Connect is best serving you and your members.

05 Connect Communities

Create an online community around any criteria: Chapters, Task Forces, Committees, Interests, CPE courses, and more.

Create choice and convenience for your members: mobile-first responsive web for any device, branded mobile app for tablets and phones, and the best email integration in the industry for frustration-free engagement.

Enhance the value of your CPE courses, bring networking to a whole new level, facilitate course discussions for continual improvement, and allow reviews and ratings to guide new registrants to your courses.