Social Networking

Our Social Networking software is comprehensive and covers all bases your users may want to engage with: email, website, and mobile. For email we use a combination of built in intelligence and best practices to help remove spam, vacation messages, and clip previous responses. Anti-virus software scans all messages, and only certain types of attachments are allowed.

On the web, we support a range of browsers and versions: MS IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. We standardize around Bootstrap and allow customization for themes. The website can be accessed on any device without special software being installed. Users can access and view online archives of all communications.

For mobile we integrate with one of the most popular forum applications: Tapatalk. We support standard forum access, private messages, managing subscriptions, and blocking users. You can have your own affordable branded mobile application, or use the stock Tapatalk application for accessing forums.

Regardless of your flavor, we have many features your users will enjoy:

  • Individual, daily digest, and weekly digest emails
  • Tight integration with your CRM/AMS/data sources
  • Real-time synchronization with your data
  • Running stand-alone if you do not have an existing data source
  • Transparent authentication per registered device for users to access the website from emails
  • Recording of all user actions
  • Analytics to provide insights into what users are doing and their demographics

Although we support stock installations, we can really shine with the best integration in the industry.

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