Connect is loaded with FEATURES

Connect Online Community has over 10,000 hours of development since its conception in 2008. In 2010 it went into production with features such as direct email reply, transparent authentication, single sign on, and complete action tracking - right out the gate!

Among its greatest accomplishments, Connect has the most extensive AMS/CRM integration of any Online Community software. Using proprietary software Connect will track, securely transmit, and transform changes in real time. One thing that sets Connect apart is that the integration is typically "hands off" and does not require changes to your back end software. This advantage dramatically reduces setup costs.

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Primary Features

Direct Email Reply

Member can simply hit reply with their email clients on any device to reply or create new discussions.

Mobile Apps

Connect has built in support for Tapatalk - the most widely used forum app (at no additional charge!). We also offer our custom Membership Connect mobile app at low cost, with the option of a custom fully branded version.

Audience Response System

With our ARS platform, participants can actively ask questions, up vote questions, and take micro surveys in real time. The presenter knows what registrants are most interested in based upon votes!

Private Messaging & Discussions

Messaging enables multiple users to talk in a single conversation. Discussions are group-level conversations where everyone is included.

Responsive and Mobile First

Connect can be used from any browser on any device and renders beautifully!

Social Education

Connect integrates with your courses, events, seminars, webinars, and self study products. By wrapping online community around your Education offerings, additional value is added for members. Ask questions before a course, continue discussions after, put faces to names, enhance the convenience of professional networking, and more.

Knowledge Archives

Groups have their own resource archives where assets and documents can be shared. Email attachments can be automatically added.

Automation Engine

Automatically send messages or start discussions based upon a fully customizable rules engine. Transparently talks to your AMS to provide additional filtering criteria specific to your data and use cases.

Individual, Daily, and Weekly Digests

Email messages can be consolidated for daily or weekly notifications. Individual email messages allow members to actively participate in the discussion in real time.

Additional Features

Interactive Surveys

During presentations, surveys can be filled out in real time, maximizing feedback while things are fresh.

Any Group Any Criteria

Groups can be created automatically from any AMS criteria you can imagine: age range, interests, course registrations, product sales, demographics, committees, chapters, and more!


Connect includes friendly graphical charts to easily interpret how the system is being used and adopted. You can also download any report as a PDF file.

Transparent Authentication

Every device used to visit Connect is registered. After a device is registered it can be used without logging in ever again. The first device to visit Connect is registered without login. This means users can forward emails and not worry about people using their accounts, and also not worry about remembering their login!

Embed on your Website

Connect can be painlessly embedded on your website with just a couple lines of Javascript. You can also query data using server-side calls.

Content Customization

Connect has fully customizable content areas and templates that can be used throughout the system. These can be reused to enable a single change to flow throughout the system.

Discussion & Conversation Muting

Group Discussions and Private Message conversations can be muted at any time if a member is uninterested.

Discussion Moderation

Connect can have a single moderator for all discussions, or a unique moderator per group. Moderation notifications can be replied to by email to approve or reject by the moderator - a convenient option on the road.

Action Tracking

Connect tracks every single action anyone takes in the system: viewing emails, logging in, using the mobile app, viewing, downloading, etc. Even if we haven't thought of the report you have in mind, the data is already there to analyze for the unforeseen.

Group Feedback/Reviews

Enable feedback, reviews, and comments for any group to allow members to tell you how they're liking things. Especially useful for CPE courses, events, etc.

Single Sign On

Members can login from your website into Connect for a fully integrated and transparent experience.

Custom Email Domains

Want to improve your branding in communications? Connect supports custom domains and sub domains for email notifications. Imagine! The best part - this requires no technical setup by your staff - email accounts just work!

A/V and Malware scans

Your members are protected against malicious attachments and viruses being transmit through email notifications.

Email Privacy

Your members' email addresses are hidden while using Connect. Even with direct email reply, their address is never revealed.

Group Events

Groups can be created from Committees and other criteria. Meetings can be automatically populated as events your members can download calendar reminders for and view in their Events calendar.

Events Calendar

Connect includes an interactive calendar that consolidates all group events in one place!


Members can write and share their thoughts on Connect with a convenient Blog features. If a member already has a blog, it can be automatically imported and synchronized with RSS.

Opt-In Email Notifications

Members can belong to a group and choose to Opt-In before receiving email communications to avoid inbox clutter.

News and Links

Add News and Links to groups conveniently through Connect. News can be automatically imported and synchronized from an RSS feed.

Custom Group Tab

Does your group have something special you want members to see? Easily add a custom tab to your groups to embed photo galleries and other widgets!

Built in Support

Our subscription includes support which can be used to customize your installation and help your members with problems.

Group Leaders

Regardless of the type of group, you can easily add Leaders. Leaders are prominently displayed in group details and interactive presentations. This works especially well for Social CPE groups used for events.

Sub Groups

Add sub groups to any parent group to categorize and organize.

So much more!

Are you still reading this? Congratulations on making it this far. If you're that interested, please contact us to find out how Connect fits into your strategic objectives.

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