How we help Modernize Associations

We've been helping Associations with their technical & business requirements for over 15 years. Now our focus is on helping associations Modernize. What is a modern association?

The modern association understands its members by passively collecting information and analyzing it. This is a primary focus of our Online Community. All actions are tracked in the system, which helps inform your strategic objectives. What are members struggling with? What are they unhappy about? What are they happy about? Why are they members of your association?

Modern associations also empower their members to share collective knowledge, helping Sole Practitioners, Business & Industry, and Students. How are you addressing and retaining those audiences? What additional value can your association bring to your members?

Our online community also wraps around your Events, Seminars, Conferences, Live Webcasts, Recorded Webcasts, Self Study, Products, basically anything you can think up. This feature includes our Audience Response System (ARS) which enables registrants to ask questions in real time, up-vote questions, and take micro-surveys in real time. Presenters can then address top voted questions during or after their session. The best part is that discussions can happen before, during, and after sessions, adding value to your existing offerings. Want to put faces to names? Registrants have social profiles with pictures, and can continue to use the system to message each other for networking opportunities.

Our solution for modern associations provides: invaluable insights, added value to existing offerings, real time incremental feedback with micro-surveys, knowledge sharing, productivity tools, and much more. The best part is that our solution is fully integrated into your AMS. We support many of the most popular AMS already, and we're confident our system can be adapted to any AMS, even custom AMS. Integration is typically fixed cost and you won't pay extra if we're integrating for the first time into your particular flavor of AMS.

Strategy & Technology Consulting

You don't need to be using our Online Community solution for us to help your Association. We work with many leaders in the association world and often discount for participation in product improvement & development. Our specialization is in customization, integration, and software development solutions to solve problems in the Association space.

Technology often enables a process; but, the process itself must be implemented successfully for the overall success of a project. Working with associations, we provide training, research, and strategy to ensure your project works internally, externally, and functionally. We'll help you modernize an existing process, streamline it with technology, and evaluate its overall success and adoption. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your unique needs, and help you succeed in your upcoming strategic objectives.

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